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Hi I’m Rhythm Gada

"Designing is not a profession but an attitude"
- László Moholy-Nagy

I’m a Human-Centered Designer based in Chicago, Illinois. I’m passionate about designing for change and I adapt myself to all kinds of mediums for work. Having almost 2.5 years of professional experience, I deliver projects until I am confident they have a large impact. I like to work outside of my box and RHY (Re)-Design to generate the most effective solution for the client. I can be approachable as a leader with enough space for others’ vision alongside my own.

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Hi I’m Miloni Gada
(Data Analyst Head)

"Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted"
- Albert Einstein

I’m a Data & Market Researcher based in California. I study people and data, and together they create information that can change the game. With extensive experience in market research, B2B marketing, business planning, data analysis, information systems & digital marketing, we help you understand the unique relationship of your association to your membership, so you can ask the right questions to gather necessary information for decision-making.



03 Experience

Freelance - Jan-Feb (2021)

Libereka, United Kingdom.
UI Designer
Created a responsive user interface for a study-abroad material platform. A 3 week long project, I worked to maintain the visual language and smooth user experience. It was interesting to work with this UK based start-up.

Freelance - Aug-Sep (2020)

KK Alliance, Nagpur.

UI Designer

Re-designed the website in just 2 weeks. This required an immense amount of overtime and focus to deliver the website to the client on time. I believe in helping our people and maintaining relations.

Jun-July (2020-2021)

Leca, Australia.

Lead UX Designer

Currently working as a UI/UX designer for an Australian Renewable Energy Company, Leca. My role here is to redesign their website and integrate an e-commerce section as well. As a lead, I plan and execute the design with other colleagues. This project enabled me to better manage and coordinate with international clients.

Jan-Jul (2020)

Tata Disq, Nashik.


Working on a live project, I had a chance to work with the Nashik Police Commissioner to ideate on solving the public awareness issue of noise pollution in Nashik. This position enabled me to take up multiple roles as part of the project.


Sketchnote (Start-Up), Mumbai/San Francisco.

Junior UX Designer

The most rewarding aspect of working with the start-up was to witness and learn design principles and ideas from some of the most talented designers. Brainstorming sessions with THE DANIEL BURKHA was the cherry on the top.


Reliance Industries Ltd, Navi-Mumbai.

UI/UX Intern

Worked with the design professionals from one of India's largest companies and contributed to the architecture of their internal sports website (IMG Reliance).


Web2Success, Mumbai.

UI/UX Designer

After working with a large corporation, working with a small start-up was both an experience and a challenge. I learned how to handle micro-level problems.


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